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Marijuana/Cannabis (buds of dry flowers or bars of hashish) is NOT legal in France according to the law. Buy Paris OG Though it is tolerated. It’s OK as long as you avoid being too obvious. If you’re caught smoking weed in Paris as a tourist. You will most likely get a slap on the wrist, in some cases with a fine attached to it. But nothing much worse than that, so don’t be uber-paranoid, but still, be discreet. About smoking and don’t smoke in crowded places. BUY PURPLE OG KUSH ONLINE

Law Enforcement

Police patrols (in cars/bicycle/walking) are scouting different areas and streets, but they are not aggressive with tourists. Most likely they will not say anything or look away. Avoid being too obvious, goes without saying. Keep in mind that the police may arrest you for any soft drug-related activity. They may also look away, but there are fair chances of getting into trouble. The courts are a bit more forgiving and tend to release a small amount private users with a warning. But if you don’t speak French it is better to avoid any chance or risk whatsoever. Of course, the written law itself is very strict and restrictive but it’s hardly ever applied in Paris. Don’t smoke in public spaces or cars -your car can be stopped by traffic cops and that smells … no good! – but don’t freak out, French people smoke a lot! BUY BLUE DREAM ONLINE

Our most recent report is: “Well if you got one or two Spliffs of a hash. There will be no problems if you keep it cool but if you got more than 10 grams. Then you will have a problem just hide it remember they can’t check what you got. If they have not seen you smoking (but french cops are a bit rough so keep it cool again…..) BUY SUPER GLUE OG ONLINE

And another report is: “They don’t hassle tourists for MJ unless you make it so that they must arrest you.”. BUY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ONLINE

In the streets of Paris you can smoke freely whilst walking; don’t hang in the hoods or in dark places. And beware of parks (small ones) where cycle police sometimes do rounds. Otherwise, it’s really no stress; but it’s better to be safe than sorry, french police are not a pleasure to deal with generally speaking. BUY WEED ONLINE IN PARIS

Marijuana and Hashish and any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking. Are a criminal offense imposing a penalty of two months to one year in jail. In addition to a fine of 56 EUR to 1680 EUR, depends on circumstances, intention, and quantity. BEST SATIVA STRAINS 2021

Where to buy Marijuana in Paris

Our local reporter had this extensive report on the latest scoring info: “Nowadays. It’s practically impossiblhttp://google.come to find good quality herb on the streets of Paris. The black “bro’s” and the Arab “cousins” only hold low quality grade, and will most likely rip you off. Unless you go to the suburbs … but even then, if one year ago, you could easily get a 10g bar of hash for 35 euros. If you searched well and were not afraid to negotiate, this does not exist anymore. Nowadays, a 10g bar of good quality hash will cost you around 60-80 euros. And a gram of high-quality bud will cost you around 15-20 euros. TOP INDICA STRAIN 2021

Paris is a gigantic rip-off if you don’t already know somebody, or can’t handle a discussion with the French “hustlers”.

Marijuana prices

Currently, inside Paris, you will get a gram of bad hash for 30 euros or more. It’s a ripoff, and there are no more good places to make a deal inside the city. You must absolutely know someone. (then, suddenly you get back to the normal prices, 1 barette = 50 euros of normal hash… 12 grams of normal quality is around 60 euros presently. (from 30 in the suburbs, up to 80 or more inside Paris) BUY SUPREME VAPE ONLINE

The prices for weed vary from one extreme to the other depending on who you’re dealing with … So it’s really hard to tell, but don’t buy by the gram if you don’t know the person very well! A decent price should be 12-15 euros a gram but we also heard about 20 euro a gram. To be the standard price for tourists in Paris. PARIS OG

City Tale

One of the world’s hippest cities, Paris is known for its decadence. Whether indulging in a rich meal or sipping an array of legendary wines. This picturesque capital of 13 million has always offered its visitors unending opportunities for self-indulgence. And the indulgence of a potent joint is no exception. HOW TO BUY WEED ONLINE IN PARIS

William Butler Yeats reportedly smoked hash during a Paris visit in the spring of 1898. Jim Morrison most certainly enjoyed a few joints before he died here in 1971. Now, despite a government that has tried to sweep away even soft drug use. The French embrace of joie de vivre persists. “Most of the people of our generation take some marijuana frequently,” said Emmanuelle, a 27-year-old French woman. High-quality pot is allegedly grown in the French wine country alongside. The grapes that make up their famous vino while catching a whiff of burning. Weed is not unheard of on the Paris streets. BUY BLUEBERRY PIE ONLINE

On Sunday, our day off, seeing that none of us had family in Paris. We’d all meet at the local Algerian cafe where we spent all day eating couscous. Drinking Algerian wine, listening to Algerian Rai music. And smoking some of the best Moroccan hash,” noted an Australian named RV. BUY CHEMDAWG WEED STRAIN ONLINE

Normally in France, they roll a joint as a mixture of tobacco and hash right off a tiny brick. With a bus ticket for a filter end, to make the cigarette easier to handle. Easier to smoke down to the bit,”. Said a visitor named Blinkin. He added that his French companions produced a cigar-sized joint of “realistically pure hash.” BUY OG KUSH ONLINE

Otherwise, Paris boasts endless nightspots with possibilities ranging from huge dance clubs to seedy bars. The Montmartre and Pigalle areas have well-known red-light districts. That is likely to have a few people willing to supply for a price. But it’s better to avoid street dealers as you are most likely to get ripped off. BUY MARIJUANA ONLINE IN PARIS

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