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Coastal Clouds Vape Juice


Coastal Clouds Blueberry Limeade eJuice

Blueberry Limeade Ejuice by Coastal Clouds Oceanside is a juicy blueberry limeade e-liquid. That will satisfy any lemonade cravings more than the real thing! Coastal Clouds Vape Juice

  • Brand Name: Coastal Clouds
  • Bottle Size: 60ml
  • Flavor: Fruit

Ripe blueberries are tossed into freshly made limeade, creating a refreshing e-liquid perfect for your next all-day vape. Vape Shops Near Me

Coastal Clouds Blueberry Limeade Ejuice Description

Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and relax by the beach. As you listen to the calming sound of waves lapping at the sand and sip on a tall glass of freshly squeezed limeade. Thanks to this deliciously refreshing beverage e-liquid, you can sit oceanside whenever you like! A tall pitcher of fresh cold water is set at the table, ice cubes clinking softly against the glass. A heaping pile of firm Key limes is lined up next to the cold pitcher. Patiently waiting their turn to be squeezed dry of all their tart lime juice. Thc Vape Juice

Next, a generous helping of pure cane sugar is poured into the lemon water. Adding a touch of sweetness to balance out the tart lime flavor. And finally, wild blueberries are picked fresh from a wild berry bush, plump and juicy. These sweet berries are tossed into the pitcher to provide a delicious burst of fruity goodness to a tall glass of freshly squeezed limeade! Quench your thirst for a cool refreshing beverage as you puff on this relaxing eliquid. Wild blueberries abound in a sea of floating limes and sweet sugar water, making this Blueberry Limeade one of the most refreshing liquids you could ever hope to try! Coastal Clouds Vape Juice


30ml, 60ml


Blueberry Limeade, Blood Orange Mango, Apple Peach Strawberry, Iced Mango Berries, Maple Butter, Peach Tea, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Meringue, Watermelon Cream, Citrus Peach, Lemon Raspberry, Menthol, Mixed Berries, Tobacco, Vanilla Custard


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