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Leira Cannabis Cigar


Leira Cannabis Cigar

leira cannabis cigar

Leira Cannabis Cigar creates beautifully crafted. Hand-rolled cannabis cigars that are made using organic Gold Leaf cannabis flower. That’s glazed with an all-natural, solvent-free rosin. Then wrapped and sealed with leaves that are cured for at least one month. They smoke amazing and you can find and purchase their products in dispensaries across the state of Washington.

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Cannabis cigars are basically extra large joints that offer fatter hits are full flavor. Are packed with premium flower, rolled in resin, hash, or another concentrated cannabis product. Then rolled in cannabis leaves and left to cure. It’s one way to include nearly every part of the plant in your product.

Leira Cannabis cigars typically involve several layers of plant material. So the price can vary from 100 for a small cannabis cigar to hundreds or even thousands. For a luxury piece made with the finest top shelf ingredients. But with that much potency packed into each hit. Chances are it will take you some time to smoke the whole thing down, giving you plenty of time to savor it.

That being said, plenty of luxury cannabis companies are popping up with innovative products and newer. More decadent ways to consume your bud. One option for a luxurious product that will have you seeing space is the cannabis cigar. Aptly known as the “cannagar.” Imagine bringing a box of those next time your best friend has a baby – you’re upgraded to the role of godparent immediately.


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